Hi! My name is Elizabeth Pampalone....

 10+ Years in business
 Over 1k+ Workshops  To Over 50k+ Attendees

Everyone has to start somewhere, EVEN me! When I started in business, the tools were sparse and the mentorship was non existent! Once I started networking, and meeting more people, I realized I WASN'T ALONE! It was such a relief! After several years of working hard and building a successful brand, people started asking me how I do it. This Academy is made up of 5 to 30 min videos focusing on topics business owners care about. These short, easy to follow hands on videos will give your business a boost. Join now and start scratching off all that overwhelming 1/2 done to-do list.

 Someone described this academy as a place "where entrepreneurs could come to be nourished and to learn to flourish." I love that, NOURISH and FLOURISH!

It is my passion that Entrepreneurs like yourself are educated so they can make the right decisions for their businesses. You are not the expert in everything, nor should you be! I want you to have more confidence when choosing professionals or when DIYing it! 

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  • Exclusive handouts and worksheets covering business planning, goals, on-boarding and more!

  • Member Only Webinar Events and Discounts

  • Years of experience from our Guestperts who will cover topics such as taxes, marketing, client experience,  body language and more!

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What others have to say about The Simplified Academy.

Nancy Katen

Origami Owl / Blue Star Creations

Meeting Elizabeth was a true blessing for my business! She determined the best networking & target audience that totally improved my business. She has a total understanding of the market and business practices and what works best for you. It's worth the investment! 

Chris Jones

Jax Computer Tech

Elizabeth will teach you to be "Excellent" in business. She has helped my career and she will help yours too! I went to a freelancing course event and when people asked questions the host would say, try doing it this way, we got this tip from Elizabeth Pampalone.