What is the Simplified Academy?

Who is the Simplified Academy For?

Marketing Professionals working for clients who are looking to streamline their process as well as the process they use for clients. 

NEW Web Designers who are looking for guidance on how to setup their business to be a rewarding and profitable business that can support their desired lifestyle!

Social Media Marketers who are looking to expand their services without expanding their overhead SIMPLY by learning new techniques to help their business grow.

Small Business Owners who are tired of getting the run around from the overwhelming onslaught of EXPERTS and just want something SIMPLE!

... and anyone who is looking to DIY their marketing on a budget!

  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed running your business?

  • Do you often wonder why it has to be so complicated?




When I started out, there were no academies or Gurus. I had to figure out how to run a business and streamline processes on my own. 

I began to develop my own formulas to save myself time and money and they WORKED!

I was so excited that I had more time to spend with my family while my business was running practically on its own!

Other business owners began to ask me how I could do so much in one day, so I began to teach my formulas.

I have developed hundreds of formulas and taught them to thousands of business owners.

The success and freedom the implementors have is well beyond what they imagined. 

Elizabeth will teach you to be "Excellent" in business. She has helped my career and she will help yours too! I went to a freelancing course event and when people asked questions the host would say, try doing it this way, we got this tip from Elizabeth Pampalone.


Meeting Elizabeth was a true blessing for my business! Her advice totally improved my business. She has a total understanding of the market and business practices and what works best for you. It's worth the investment! 


They are simple, easy to understand, easy to implement what you learned and the automation resources taught are BUDGET FRIENDLY!  

You started your business to serve your community and to live your life on your terms. So say GOODBYE to the overwhelm and HELLO to the business you always wanted. Your membership will present you with the tools and knowledge to DIY your way to success! 

What You Get (1).png
  • Simplified 10 minute tutorials to streamline processes (View Current Video Topics Here)
  • Watch videos and listen to podcasts from any device, anywhere

  • Exclusive easy to use downloads including Business Planners, CheatSheets, RealityChecks, Infographics, Checklists and more!

  • Meet fellow business owners in our Facebook Group with Live Bonus Videos Every Week!

  • Take advantage of Online Software Discounts only available to members.

  • Hear Business Guru's breakdown and simplify topics such as taxes, marketing, client experience, affiliate marketing, etc.

  • Up to 40% off One-on-One Coaching to simplify your life

  • Month to Month Billing

  • Cancel or Upgrade at any time


I have been in business over 11 Years
I have Taught Over 1k+ Workshops To Over 50k+ Attendees

I began my journey into the web design world over 18 years ago. In 2007, I started my first company, Jax Computer Chic. I made residential house calls for sick computers. After a year to two, and in order to get more business clients, I began networking like crazy. I started going to 3 meetings a day. I also led 13 networking meetings a month for 2 years.

I started my second company in 2010, The Web Design Chic and ran both companies simultaneously. Due to my dedication to networking, In 2014, I was named “Queen of Networking” by the Jacksonville Business Journal. During all this, I was an active volunteer member of SCORE, OLLI UNF, and the SBDC.

The more I was with my colleagues, the more I saw a need and created several more companies that helped entrepreneurs like myself.  I created 3 more companies and helped countless businesses in the process. 


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